A Macau Casino Game Primer

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A casino is usually a public facility for gaming. Casinos are frequently built near popular tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, or other popular destinations. Some examples in the United States include the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Venetian Resort Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, the Monte Carlo Resort Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, and the casino at the Bellagio in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

In Atlantic City, the "board game room" was the only location where gambling was allowed. This changed in July of 1977, when the state approved allowing gambling in the state. At this time the gaming consisted mainly of card rooms. Today the "card room" is mostly a stand alone casino. Casinos can also be found in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Mobile, Pueblo, Santa Fe, Tucson, Las Vegas, and many other cities throughout the United States.

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The presence of gambling in a casino raises the chances for individuals to become involved in gambling either by visiting the casino or participating in slot machines. The chances for this increase when more people choose to visit a casino or place their bets on casino slot machines. In addition to the increase in gamblers, the property value of a casino will also increase because more visitors will visit the casino. Many casino owners or operators take a loss on a casino because gamblers will leave the casino before they leave with their winnings. The property value of a casino is also reduced if it is vacant before gambling takes place.

In mathematics, a binomial distribution is used to evaluate the probability of a specific outcome. The binomial distribution uses probability theory to show that the outcome of a specific casino game can be assigned with a probability that is close to (0.5 * expectancy). For example, the expected outcome of the blackjack game is the expected value of one dollar. Following the binomial distribution, the casino's probability of getting this value out of 100 is 0.5 * (absence of tails in the distribution). Following this explanation, if the casino has a fifty percent chance of getting this result from a blackjack game, its probability of getting it out of one hundred randomly chosen numbers is (1 - (0.5 * expectancy)). Following this explanation, the casino may choose to add more hands into the random selection process and increase the odds of hitting a winning bet.

When gambling in Macau, there are several differences between the British version of slots and the American version of slots. One of these differences is the use of "bets" in place of coins in a casino game. There is also a different method of computing for payout than is followed in the British version of slots. Both casinos use a "dice system", which is based on the random number generator used in a computer program.

In this main article, the focus has been on the methodology and mathematics used by the designers of the Macau casinos. I have attempted to explain the concepts behind Monte Carlo simulation in a language that non-technical people can understand. My intention is not to explain how random number generators work, nor to explain what a champion is. If you are interested in learning more about the mathematics or the mechanics of casino games, please read the main article, "Macau Casino Games: A Primer on Monte Carlo Simulation" located at the end of this article.

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